Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who's Your Favorite? A Rally for Owl!

Today's Bibs-n-Books turned into a rally for Owlbert Owl as we explored "whoooooooo" thinks he has the best books and should be president of the Family Room!

Storytime began with our normal routine and warm ups.
Today we learned signs for owl, wow and the colors of the rainbow and used them to help us read our first book, "Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood.

We then read Hello Day by Anita Lobel and practiced animal sounds. This was followed by Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with variations of the song for the star's GREAT BIG COUSIN and its teeny tiny cousin.

We shared our the finger play: Five Little Owls from A to Z Stuff

Five Little Owls
5 little owls,
On a branch by the shore,
1 fell off,
Then there were 4.
4 little owls,
High in a tree,
The wind blew hard,
Then there were 3.
3 little owls,
None of them knew,
A raven took one,
Then there were 2.
2 little owls,
Sitting in the sun,
A raccoon came along,
Then there was 1.
1 little owl,
In the setting sun,
Flew off to the forest,
Then there were none.

Lastly we last read I'm Not Sleepy by Jonathan Allen using our grumpiest voices to share Little Owl's disdain at being told he was sleepy.

We then stood to stretch our wings. We passed out bells and sang, If You;re an Owl and you Know it say, "Whooo"
(turn you head, flap your wings)

We ended with a call of Whoooo and passed out owl campaign posters.

Stay tuned for future rallies and debates during our regularly scheduled storytimes!

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