Monday, October 15, 2012

Rally for Inchy!

Today during Preschool Playschool we held a rally for Inchy Worm. The rally, combined with preschool aged science experiments and a visit from the BookWorms, have made Inchy the front runner in campaign for Family Room President!

During Preschool Playschool we read "Inch by Inch" written and illustrated by Leo Lionni. We also learned some facts about light and dark reading the book "My World of Science: Light and Dark" by Angela Royston to prepare our welcome with the BookWorms.

Children and their parents had the option of exploring several stations during the rally.

Measuring Station:
Inspired by Inch by Inch, children could measure themselves and log results.
Children were also encouraged to measure different items using beads.
How would YOU measure up?

Yard stick, ruler and beads to measure with

Children could visit the live worms and we shared different worm facts including
Worms have FIVE hearts
Worms prefer the dark
Worms need to stay moist.

If you look closely you can see several worms!

Cutting and Puppet theater:
Children could practice cutting skills as they cut out pictures of the Family ROom Friends and then used them to make shadow puppets.
Yes! You can cut, cut, cut!


Mr. Dino and Inchy

These two put on a great show!

Can you see it?
Transparency station
At this station children had to guess which materials were transparent.
Each child was given different objects, asked to make a guess and then put the object to the test.
The children then started piling all of the objects together and tried to shine a light through it. There were some debate about what was transparent or not and the children were all given a chance to voice their opinion. After several tests and an opportunity to test their theories, the children all came to a group consensus about what was considered transparent.

A sample of some materials used to determine transparency

Parents and guardians also participated. They assisted with cutting and browsed the books available for check out.

Other books available:
Inchworm and a half / by Elinor Pinczes ; illustrated by Randall Enos.
The Worm family / Tony Johnston ; illustrated by Stacy Innerst.
Ned's New Home by Kevin Tseng
Light and dark : make it bright / by Jim Pipe.
I wonder what it's like to be an earthworm / by Erin Hovanec.
Light and dark / Sally Hewitt.

Join us throughout the month of October for more rallies!
Also, check out our YouTube channel for storytubes with books featuring each chracter!

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  1. I love your job! But I still wouldn't have wanted to deal with worms. I didn't look closely so I didn't see anything but dirt ;-)