Sunday, November 14, 2010

Comic Book Creators Club!

Mike Grandozio from Slamtastic Parties contacted us a few months back with an offer we couldn't refuse: a program designed to merge art and writing with the end result a comic book for fans. The comic wouldn't necessarily have to be JUST for superheroes, it could be about anything the young author/illustrators wanted.

Mike is a wonderful instructor. He patiently lead the children (and this adult!) through the five basics:
1) Coming up with an idea
2) Designing your cast, setting, everything else
3) Writing the script
4) Penciling Layout
5) Inking, lettering

Each week he held mini contests with comic books as prizes and he encouraged even the most reluctant writers to get ideas on paper.

We plan to host a comic con styled debut to show off the works of these fabulous young authors. Stay tuned for that date, coming soon!

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