Sunday, November 14, 2010

National Gaming Day!

Saturday November 13th was National Gaming Day @ your library. National Gaming Day is an is an initiative of the American Library Association to connect communities around the educational, recreational, and social value of all types of games. Children were invited to join us for video games and board games to celebrate. This year we held an event on Monday (The Marshmallow Challenge), Friday (Wii games borrowed from the Delaware County Library System) as well as the event day, National Gaming Day.

Friday we had an enthusiastic group join us to play Just Dance, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Guitar Hero and Wii Sports. The children who visit the Lansdowne Public Library are amazing! Patiently they would wait their turn, cheering on their friends or giving pointers for how to play.

The excitement continued Saturday with a nationwide tournament. Unfortunately, we did not participate but we rediscovered a love and enjoyment for boardgames. A resident of the community volunteered some of his board games and we were treated to games from, literally, across the world! Genial, a color matching game from Germany, Transamerica, a simple railway game in which each player has a set of 5 cities strung across the US that need to be connected by rail,

Proving that you are NEVER too old to play games!
Playing Cathedral.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

The Genial Board

Trans America

The wonderful Mr. Moskowitz!

Join us next year for National Gaming Day or check our calender for upcoming events!

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