Monday, September 13, 2010

Avast! Pirate Week be startin'!

The pirate speaks,"Ahoy! buckos! It's that time o' year again t' polish your peg legs, find your swankiest eye patch and talk like a pirate! Today begins Pirate Week at t' Lansdowne Public Library! Pirate week leads up t' a Bizarre Holiday: Talk Like a Pirate Day which falls on Sunday, September 19th!"

"What was that?" you may be asking yourself. THAT is our introduction to 2010's Pirate Week! Like last year, this year we will have trivia posted on our blog and throughout the Family Room in the library for your amusement. If you can answer the question of the day, you get to pick out treasure and booty from Ye Ole Lansdowne Treasure Chest!

Also, see the display of pirate themed books in the Family Room. Check one out and you can pick a prize to take with you!

Instructions: Using the catalog, Internet or library resources answer each question.
Submit questions asked on THIS blog online.Submit in library questions to Miss Rachee or another library staff member.
All answers must be submitted by the close of the library each day.

Today's question:Fictional Pirates!
Can you name three famous fictional pirates?

Luck be with ya!

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