Friday, September 23, 2011

The Book Bunch Takes the Cake

Yesterday's meeting of The Book Bunch was literally sweet: we shared cupcakes as we read Laura Numeroff's If You Give a Cat a Cupcake. First we shared mini cupcakes and answered what happens if you give a girl or boy a cupcake.

Among the responses were:
Rachee: If you give a girl a cupcake she gobbles it all up!
S: If you give a girl a cupcake she sits quietly and eats it!
T: If you give a girl a cupcake she goes crazy and runs all around the room.
D: If you give a girl a cupcake she will keep asking for more.
M: If you give a boy a cupcake he says thank you.

Then we shared the book. Some of The Book Bunch members are stronger readers than others so we pair of and let those who want to read take a turn and those not ready can follow along. We also had some from the bunch tell the story using the pictures.

For our craft we created paper cupcakes. Using silver paper for the liners and construction paper for the icing. The cakes created were inspired by pumpkins, red velvet, "regular" and chocolate. We also used a hole puncher to make sprinkles as so desired by the cat in the story!

The Book Bunch meets Thursdays at 4PM and is for children ages 4-7.


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