Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wee Reads: On the Road Again!

Today for Wee Reads our books took us on a road trip!
We started with our usual warm ups and welcome song, The More We Get Together. Today we added signs and verses to sing the more we FLY together and learned the signs for FLY and AIRPLANE.
The books we read were
Punk Farm on Tour by Jarrett J Krosoczka.
Flying by Donald Crews.
My Travelin' Eye by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw.

We rocked out with Punk Farm On Tour, doing some head banging moves as we read about the group's first tour. Their new song is a familiar tune (The Wheels on the Bus) but we added out own spin and the group helped rock the song as we read.

As we read Flying we made the sign for airplane and used our 'airplanes' to fly around with us.

For My Travelin' Eye we helped Jenny Sue complete her eye exam and this is the book that inspired our craft for today. In the book to help correct Jenny Sue's lazy eye an ophthalmologist orders her to wear an eye patch. Our Wee Read friends were given eye patches to decorate and came up with exciting creations!

We had a full house!

Wee Reads meets Thursday at 10:30 AM. Join us for books, activities and more!

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