Friday, April 1, 2011

April is...

...Poetry Month!
What's your favorite poems?

We love poetry and wanted to share some with you. Today is also April's Fools Day and we found this funny poem from Gregory K that celebrates poetry AND the 'foolingest' day of all: April's Fools Day. Gregory's blog is call GottaBook; he shares his original poems as well as works by other writers.


APRIL FOOLS by Gregory K.

Someone took my toothpaste tube and filled it up with jam.
Someone changed my sandwich into fluffernut-and-ham.
Someone laced my sneakers so they tie down by my toes.
Someone changed the vacuum so it doesn't suck, it blows.
Someone poured the sugar out and filled the bowl with salt.
Someone messed up all the clocks and made it seem my fault.
For me today, I have to say, it's nervousness that rules....
Since all that happened yesterday and now it's April Fools'!
To learn more about the history of April's Fools Day check out this link we found at info please
To learn more about Poetry Month check out the ideas on the Scholastic web page.
Did you get fooled today?

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