Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1: NaNoWriMo

Welcome to the first ever LPL Write along!
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Today we celebrate November as Peanut Butter Month.

What say YOU about Peanut Butter?

I sighed as I helped Mom unpack groceries. Once again she neglected my single request: Extra Chunky Peanut Butter.
'Mooooom!" I said with a sigh, "Why do you always get this creamy kind?"
She looked at me with a frown. "That peanut butter is good," she replied. "It was on sale and you can live with smooth!" She continued to unpack groceries muttering to herself about ungrateful kids and chunky bottoms.
I stashed the peanut butter in the pantry and darted upstairs, away from a mom who muttered but was stopped by a creamy, mushy, peanut buttery smelling thing that now stood in the door to my bedroom....

What happens next?
Can you help us celebrate Day 1 of NaNoWriMo by adding to our Peanut Butter story?

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