Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pirate Week Day 4

Random questions!

According to the old sea shanty, how many men on the dead man’s chest?
Who wrote the beloved childrens novel “Treasure Island”?
Robert Louis StevensonWhen is Talk Like A Pirate Day?
Finish the phrase: Yo ho ho and ____.
A bottle of rum
What’s another name for a pirate that begins with “B”? Buccaneer
A pirate with the protection and authority of the king was called what? A privateer.
What is the gold coin of Spain and the Spanish America’s pirates plundered? Doubloons.
A pirate of the Barbary Coast was also known as a what? Corsair
How did a pirate address a younger man? Me bucko
What did a pirate call a comrade? Matey
A cutlass is what? A pirate’s sword.
Why did pirates wear eye patches?
The pirates eye patch was not to cover a missing eye. It was so the captain (or whomever) could have "night vision" below decks. Keeping an eye dark would allow them to go below and still be able to see.

Good luck!

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