Tuesday, June 1, 2010

V is for Violin

The Lansdowne community is rich with talent and we were lucky enough to have some of that talent share storytime with us! For Tuesday's Bibs-n-Books, we had special guest reader Noele, lead vocalist for the band Reilly. She brought her violin, introduced the group to the orchestra, shared her wonderful playing and even gave the children an opportunity to try the instrument themselves!

Noele warming up
Introducing herself

Reading Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin! by Lloyd Moss

Accompanying us while we sang Old MacDonald,
Itsy Bitsy Spider and other familiar tunes
Everybody gets a turn!

Even some of the parents played!

Afterwards she shared pictures of violins for the group to color!
We were very excited about her visit and wish her luck with her upcoming tour.
We have many resources available for your own musical exploration. Available at the library, the Grandkit for music which includes instruments, cds and books.
Books about music:
Boom bah! / [Phil Cummings, Nina Rycroft].
I like the music / Leah Komaiko ; pictures by Barbara Westman.
Mole music / by David McPhail
Bibs-n-Books meets every Tuesday beginning at 10:30 with a play time following.

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