Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Reading Kickoff 2010!

Summer 2010 have kicked off with two amazing performers!

Andrew warming up the crowd!

Wednesday, June 16th we welcomed Andrew from Piccarillo Sciencetelling! He shared The Case of the Mutating Hand while doing science experiments. With the theme of liquid and density, our group of 21 children and 12 adults learned of the Case of the Mutating Hand!

A demonstration of how water will NOT leak
through the plastic when the bag is heated

(From his web site)

Pirates - The Curse of the Mutating Hand (Theme - Liquid & Density) **Summer Reading Theme 2010**
In a time when pirates sailed the seven seas, there was one pirate who was feared the most. His name was Hendricks the Hand and he was cursed with a mutating hand. But this curse gave him power and now seeking to become unstoppable he must return to the place that cursed him…The Black Cave. In an attempt to protect the seas, the famous pirate James Dauer gathered a crew which included quartermaster Sam Sullivan and set sail for The Black Cave! Join us as we learn about the science of Liquid & Density by telling the tale of The Curse of the Mutating
Hand. By boiling water in a paper cup, crushing a can with only water,
creating a mutating hand, and exploding bottles through evaporation, see if
James Dauer can stop Hendricks before its too late!

The Mutating Hand!

For our second kickoff, Thursday, June 17th at 10:30 AM Mark Segal helped our group of 78 library friends become Tooth Buddies!

Mark, Silly Billy, Zeebo and other friends taught up proper oral care!

Waiting for the show to start!

Silly Billy and Zeebo

We're all Tooth Buddies!
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