Thursday, May 13, 2010

Author Visit!

Both books are available in the Family Room!

Becky and Miss Rachee!

Children's Book Week at the Lansdowne Public Library continued during Sleepytime Tales with special guest, local author and Lansdowne resident, Becky Birtha. Ms. Birtha is the author of two wonderful picture books, Grandmama's Pride and Lucky Beans. These books are based on events from her life.
From her website:

Grandmama's Pride is a heartwarming story about the discovery of prejudice and a young girl's discovery of how unfair laws can be. Every summer, Mama, Sister, and Sarah Marie take the bus down south to visit Grandmama. The three of them sit in the back of the bus, because, as Mama says, it is the best seat. Later, on a walk into town, the girls don't drink from the water fountain because Grandmama says she'll make fresh lemon-mint iced tea when they get home. Throughout the summer, Aunt Maria teaches Sarah Marie how to read. Then Sarah Marie notices signs in town she hadn't been able to read before.

Before beginning each book Becky shared items that we would alter see illustrated through out the books including the suitcase in the following picture.

She also led us in song whenshe shared a civil rights era tune about riding the bus.
Lucky Beans is a fun book to explore math themes including guessing and estimating. Using her grandmother's win of a sewing machine as inspiration, Becky shared the tale of The Great Depression, family and based on the story of her father's mother and when she won a sewing machine. From her website:

It is the 1930s, and like many other workers during the Great Depression, Marshall Loman’s dad has lost his job. There’s not enough money, and there are too many beans. Ma cooks beans for supper every single night! Marshall is tired of eating beans. But maybe if he puts together Ma’s knowledge of beans with the lessons he’s learning in arithmetic class, they can guess how many beans are in the big jar and win the contest.

Signs learned:
As both stories ran a bit long we didn't do a craft but we did share jelly beans as a storytime treat.

Both books are available for check out and we look forward to hearing what YOU thnk about the books. Please leave your comments below!

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