Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's all Greek to me!

Our book club formerly known as Battle of the Books has been changed to TBC: 'Tween Book Club. The change came when the 'tweens that frequent the library were interested in creating something that was a cross between our Book Bunch Group and our teen writers group. We met a few weeks ago ti discuss options and I borrowed ideas from a presentation from by The Children's Library and Mt Lebanon Public Library. The new group will focus on books and related crafts and activities for the older adolescent.

Our first meet up was designed to share some of the excitement and interest generated by the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. We went back in time to ancient Greece.
Activities that we did:
Write your name using Greek Letters.
Sample food inspired by traditional Greek eating habits. For our experience we had bread (the Ancient Greeks had lost of wheat products), honey (they didn't use sugar but would use honey to sweeten their food), grape juice (to substitute for wine) and olives.
Discuss our favorite Gods and Goddesses.
Trivia about monsters.
Make a toga out of Toilet paper.
Decorate Greek vases.

Join us next month for Crime Capers as we solve a mystery in the library!

Enjoy some pictures from the event!

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