Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today, December 6th is...

...Mitten Tree Day.

When Nicki loses his new snow white mitten and it becomes the home for a mole, rabbit, badger and a host of other forest creatures!
Will they all fit? Find out by reading today's book, The Mitten adapted and illustrated by Jan Brett.

If you stop in the library, help decorate the Family Room. Color a mitten and leave it for Miss Rachee. She'll add it to the display of mittens already hanging throughout the Family Room

Other books to share about clothes:
Simms Taback's Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
Wonder how you can make something out of nothing? Be inspired by Joseph as he transforms his shabby overcoat into a jacket, vest and other objects.

Have fun with this title!
Design your own vest: Using a brown paper bag cut it into the shape of a vest. Using marker, crayons, or other art supplies design the vest.

Talk about recycling.

Margaret Chodos-Irvine's Ella Sarah gets dressed
Are you a wild and wacky dresser? Mix your stripes with plaid? Join Ella Sarah as she ignores family advice while dressing for a tea party

Have fun!

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