Saturday, September 26, 2009

Science Explorers! Shadows and Light

What do you need to make a shadow?

Thursday, September 24th was our second science adventure and today we explored shadows and light.
Using the Shadows Kit from What's the Big Idea, we read books and explored activity stations created to introduce shadows and light.

Young explorer experimenting

Books read:
Frank Asch's Bear's Shadow
Robert Clyde Bulla's What Makes a Shadow

Activity stations:
Shadow Puppet Theater
Using a stage (Cardboard boxes) we experimented making shadows with a variety of objects including small stuffed animals, various cut-out shapes (hearts, shamrocks, etc).
Flashlights of different sizes (one came with the kit and a few were kindly donated by Covert Enterprises)
Various objects to experiment with.
We used shamrocks, hearts, cars, trucks, fairies, small stuffed animals.

Shadows To Go

We created Silhouettes of shadows to take home
Black construction paper
Objects to trace.


The children and their adults were all charged with finding their shadows upon leaving storytime and the library. We had a very fun day. The children were introduced to the concept of shadows and light, the parents had a selection of books to expand the subject and we also were able to provide new vocabulary.

Some fiction and non-fiction titles available for checkout

Books on the subject will be on display in the Mary Case Buchanan Family Room beginning Monday, September 28th.


Science Explorers! is a science themed storytime which introduce and foster a love of science to preschoolers using picture books and simple experiments. Every other month we do math or science themed activities. Join us next month, Thursday October 22nd for Math Exlorers! as we discuss patterns and relationships everywhere.

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