Friday, August 7, 2009

Freestyle Friday - Guest Blogger!

Happy Friday All!
Today we are pleased to announce a new feature: Freestyle Friday. While we will still post regular content, on Fridays we will also have guest bloggers. Our first guest is Erica K. Erica is a sixth grader who enjoys reading, she set a goal of reading 100 books this summer! She wanted to share her thoughts about the library's summer program.

Erica enjoying learning a trick during the Magic Workshop!

The Lansdowne Library is almost always having cool programs like Magic
Workshop, Science in the Summer and Movietime Mondays. I could never chose
favorites. They're all so fun. Movietime Mondays are fun because we
always watch super cool movies like "Nim's Island" and high School Musical
3." We also get free snacks and drinks. Magic Workshop is fun
because we learn awesome magic tricks and we got to see a five star magic
show. Now in Science in the Summer we do stellar projects. My
favorite project was getting the DNA out of strawberries.
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