Thursday, July 30, 2009

Science Explorers!-Soapy Fun with Water

Science Explorers! is a program designed to integrate science during storytime. Today's guest was Jennifer Wynne, from Simply Science. Simply Science is a fun, hands on science program designed to stimulate an early love of science while teaching basic scientific principles.

Jennifer Wynne

We had a ball experimenting with water, learning abut surface tension and looking at 'Tornadoes in a Bottle'.

If you want to try some of these experiments at home, we have several books available for checkout.

J 532 W:Water: Simple Experiments for Young Scientists by Larry White

J532 N: Experiments with Water by Sally Nankivell-Aston and Dorothy Jackson

J532 P: Science Activities-Water by Grahama Peacock

E&L 532 G: Simple Science Float and Sink by Mike and Maria Gordon

These titles and much more are available for checkout!


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  1. That boy in the second photo is quite handsome! LOL, thanks for the update on our children's happenings.